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Low Back Pain Treatment With Our Marysville Chiropractor

Your spine is a highly nuanced and intricate system involving muscles, bones, ligaments, tendons, and spinal nerves. But while a healthy back is an important element to a healthy mind, body, and lifestyle, a majority of us will experience back pain and dysfunction at some point in our lives. Pain in the low back (lumbar region) is commonly seen by our Marysville chiropractor, with an estimated worldwide prevalence of up to 70% of the industrialized population. 

woman wiht lower back pain before talking to upper cervical chiropractor in marysville

How Upper Cervical Care Can Help Lower Back Pain

It's tempting to experience pain in one area of the body, such as your lower back, and assume that this area alone requires professional care. When it comes to your back, however, signs and symptoms of injury in the low back are often caused by or related to a problem in the neck (cervical spine), a crucial area of your body. Your cervical spine serves as the first main gateway for your nervous system, near the junction where the brainstem transitions into the spinal cord. Specifically, the first two bones in your neck--called the axis and atlas--can become misaligned (subluxed) due to a variety of factors, including poor posture, stress, aging, and slips, trips, or falls. A subluxation of these spinal bones can lead to pressure on surrounding spinal nerves exiting the spinal cord, which can interfere with nervous system communication throughout your body. This nerve interference often leads to injury, inflammation, and illness, including low back pain. 

Blair Upper Cervical Care With Our Marysville Chiropractor

  • Using advanced manual and diagnostic techniques, Blair upper cervical care is a systemized and specialized method for identifying subluxations within the cervical region that may be disrupting the rest of the spine. 

  • The biggest benefit of the Blair technique is that it helps to identify and address the underlying causes of dysfunction, without which your low back pain other symptoms are likely to simply keep recurring. 

  • Proper alignment of the cervical spine is crucial for optimal function of the entire body.

  • Moreover, when the bones within your neck are aligned properly, this can have a positive "downstream" effect on lower parts of your spine, such as accelerated healing and a reduced amount of interventions that may be required to treat physical dysfunction, especially low back pain.

Experience The Difference With Our Chiropractor In Marysville

Here at Health First Chiropractic, our chiropractor in Marysville, Dr. Robert Clarke, leads his team with the kind of professionalism, clinical expertise, and care that renders real and lasting results for his patients. Proudly serving Snohomish county and Lake Stevens since 2010, board-certified Dr. Clarke believes that true healing relies on full body wellness. That's why he has fully committed to developing highly advanced diagnostic and manual skills--including a certified proficiency in Blair upper cervical care--to evaluate, treat, and resolve dysfunction while also facilitating "whole person" health and well-being. To learn more about the importance and incredible beneficial effects of Blair upper cervical care, call us today!

Upper Cervical Care
Upper cervical chiropractic is a very focused area within chiropractic, which is designed to help the entire spine by treating the top two vertebrae in the spine.
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