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Chiropractic Care Provides Neck Pain Treatment in Marysville

Muscle inflammation due to strain, misalignment of the spine or spine disorders often cause chronic neck pain and stiffness. Your upper cervical chiropractor in Marysville offers chiropractic treatment for neck pain that can alleviate muscle strain and realign the spine and relax overextended muscles. Other conditions causing neck pain that chiropractic care treats effectively include cervical sprain injuries, facet joint sprain, nerve compression and whiplash conditions produced by sudden, forceful jerking of the head in a backward-forward manner.your  chiropractor in marysville can relieve your neck pain

Diagnosing Neck Pain

To determine the cause of neck pain, your upper cervical chiropractor in Marysville performs a complete physical examination, takes detailed notes about your medical history, asks about your diet and lifestyle and may order an MRI or another imaging test to assist in accurately diagnosing the origin of your neck pain. In rare cases, chronic neck pain may be due to a condition requiring minimally invasive surgery. When this situation arises, your chiropractor will refer you to a spine surgeon for further examination and recommendations. However, the majority of patients seeking chiropractic treatment for neck pain do not need surgery.

Blair Upper Cervical Technique for Neck Pain

Health First Chiropractic offers a specific type of treatment called Blair Upper Cervical.  Consisting of a detailed analysis of your top two neck bones and how they are impacting the overall health of your central nervous system. You have seven cervical vertebrae comprising the neck bones responsible for supporting your skull. The "atlas", or first cervical vertebrae, balances and supports your head. The "axis", or second vertebrae, lets your head rotate to the right and left. Within these top neck bones are hollow spaces that protect vertebral arteries and the spinal cord as they extend downward into the body. If the atlas and axis are not properly aligned, compression of blood vessels and nerves will cause neck pain, stiffness, headaches and other conditions caused by the unhealthy functioning of the nervous system. In addition, Blair Upper Cervical is done without drugs or surgery nor does it involve twisting, popping or cracking of your neck.

Additional Chiropractic Care for Neck Pain

Therapeutic massage therapy, spinal adjustments and other noninvasive treatment methods provided by your upper cervical chiropractor in Marysville relieve chronic neck pain without the use of addictive medications or risky nerve surgery. By carefully evaluating your overall health instead of just your neck pain, chiropractors can accurately determine the underlying cause of neck pain and initiate appropriate treatment methods to restore optimal functioning of your nervous system and improve your overall well-being.

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Upper Cervical Care
Upper cervical chiropractic is a very focused area within chiropractic, which is designed to help the entire spine by treating the top two vertebrae in the spine.
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