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Neck Pain Chiropractic Treatment in Marysville

Neck pain be caused for various reasons ranging from sports injuries, car accidents, concussion/head injury, or simply sleeping in a poor position.  Most times neck pain should begin to resolve itself over a few days to a week.   If a pain in the neck does not resolve itself there could be a deeper issue at the cause.

Sometimes a recent or old injury causes the bones in the neck to move abnormally and create inflammation on the nerves exiting the bones.  This creates a poorly functioning neck which can lead to pain or other neurologic problems.

How do we treat neck pain?

Health First Chiropractic utilizes a very specific type of care, known as Blair Upper Cervical.  The Blair work consists of a detailed analysis of the top two neck bones and its impact on the health of the nervous system. A precise, gentle correction is made to correct this misalignment and ultimately stabilize the spine.

This is accomplished without the use of drugs or surgery and does not involve any twisting or popping/cracking of the neck.

Please give us a call at 360.658.1987 if you'd like to learn more about our unique approach.

Upper Cervical Care
Upper cervical chiropractic is a very focused area within chiropractic, which is designed to help the entire spine by treating the top two vertebrae in the spine.
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