Herniated Disc FAQs

Across the country, back pain is one of the most common reasons why someone might have to miss work or school. When it comes to back pain, there are a few common causes. One of the most common is a herniated disc. At Health First Chiropractic Marysville, it is our goal to make sure that our patients are familiar with this common cause of back pain. We have compiled a few frequently asked questions regarding herniated discs.

Herniated disc FAQs

What Is a Herniated Disc?

The spine is made up of bones called vertebrae. They are separated by tiny cushions that are called discs. These cushions prevent the vertebrae from pressing against each other. Furthermore, they also help provide plenty of space so that nerves can leave the spine. Sometimes, due to an accident or wear and tear, one or more of the discs in the back can break open. This condition is called a herniated disc.

What Are the Symptoms of a Herniated Disc?

If an individual has suffered a herniated disc, there are a handful of symptoms that may start to appear. Among the various herniated disc symptoms, one of the most common is pain. This pain happens because the liquid that used to be inside of the discs beings to leak out, and presses against the nerves that innervate the rest of the body. Some individuals may also notice that this pain can change in intensity based on the position they are in. Lastly, some people might also notice numbness or tingling as one of their herniated disc symptoms

How Are Herniated Discs Treated?

If you are suffering from the symptoms of a herniated disc, it is critical to see a chiropractor. With a combination of physical exam techniques and imaging, a chiropractor can make the correct diagnosis. After, the treatment can start. A few people could think that they must have surgery to fix the issue. This is not always the case. With spinal manipulations, adjustments, as well as decompression, it is possible to fix this ailment without surgery.

Call Health First Chiropractic Marysville to Make an Appointment

Individuals who live in the Marysville area and would like to learn more about how we treat herniated discs should call Health First Chiropractic Marysville to make an appointment. We invest in the latest treatment techniques to make sure that our patients are taken care of. We would be happy to help you as well. Please call us today at (360) 658-1987 to learn more about our treatment options for herniated discs.


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